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Chaudhary Dal Singh

Chaudhary Dal Singh (1915–1991) popularly known as Khunda Jhota and Paani ka Baadal was first Irrigation and Power Minister of Haryana, he was involved in Haryana politics from 1952 to 1977, when he took unofficial retirement due to his bad health in 1966.

Early Life

He was a recruitment officer of the Indian National Army founded by Subhas Chandra Bose. He remained prisoner of war in Germany, Italy during second world war. He was a very good player of Football & won Indian Army Cavalry Tournament Medal at Lahore in 1939.

As Military Man

Enrolled in the Army ( 2nd Royal Lancer ) in March 1936. Went overseas as leader of advance party of 3rd Motor Brigade in 1941. Taken prisoners of war by General Romel’s army on 8.1.1941 at ElMichill in Libya while acting as intelligence NCO and remained prisoner of war for 4 and half Years in various countries of Europe. Released by General Paton of U.S.A. on 28 April 1945. Worked as an interpreter for Russian and Indian Prisoners of War in Medical Department in various camps. Opened Hindi School at Anna-Berg in Germany and Taught Hindi to about 1000 POW’s. Worked as recruiting officer of Indian legion ( I.N.A.) in Germany. Underwent officer’s course at Frontier War-fare Army School Kakaul ( Abbotabad ) & stood first in the Army School in 1946.

Travel of various Countries

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sicily, Italy, Germany, France Belgium & England.

Term as Member of Legislative Assembly


  1. Jind 16.04.1952 to 04.03.1953
  2. Jind 26.03.1954 to 31.10.1956


  1. Jind 06.11.1956 to 31.03.1957
  2. Jind 26.01.1965 to 31.10.1966


  1. Jind 01.11.1966 to 28.02.1967
  2. Julana 17.03.1967 to 21.11.1967
  3. Julana 26.06.1970 to 20.01.1972
  4. Jind 04.04.1972 to 30.04.1977

Political Arrests

  • Arrested by Jind State Govt. while acting as Dictator of Jind State merger movement and parallel Govt. at Dadri was formed under his direct supervision during the merger movement. The movement is popularly known as Praja Mandal Andolan
  • Arrested in 1970 at the time of Chandigarh agitation by Haryana Govt.
  • Arrested on 13.02.1973 at the time of teacher’s agitation by the Haryana Govt.
  • Arrested on 30.05.1973 under the order of Haryana Govt. while going to address a civil liberty conference at Hansi ( Hisar ).
  • Arrested on 05.05.1973 while leading a procession against Electricity Cut at Jind by Government of Haryana
  • Arrested under MISA on 26.05.1975 and released on 11.05.1976 on health grounds.

Administrative Experience

  • Elected General Secretory of Jat High School Jind for terms 1946–47,47–48, 1948–49 and 1955– 56.
  • President District Congress Committee Sangrur 1954 to 1959.
  • Vice Chairman PEPSU under developed area Advisory Board.
  • Elected Member Estimate Committee, PEPSU Vidhan Sabha for the year 1954–55, 1956–57.
  • Elected member, Public Accounts Committee, PEPSU Vidhan Sabha for the year 1955–56.
  • Member Public relation and Grievances Committee of Sangrur district for the years 1954–57,64–66
  • Elected first Chairman Panchayat Samiti Jind 1961–65.
  • Hony. Sub-registrar, Jind for 2 and half years 1962–64.
  • Elected first Chairman Market Committee Jind 1965–66.
  • Member Civil Defence Committee, Punjab 1965.
  • Irrigation and Power Minister, Haryana 01.11.1966 to 23.03.1967.
  • Elected President H.P.C.C. ( O ) on 22.08.1971.

As a Member of Indian National Congress

  • Elected President, Jind State Praja Mandal for the year 1947–48.
  • Elected Member of Electoral College of Punjab State of Bilaspur to elect members of Constituent Assembly of India in 1947.
  • Vice-President, PEPSU Youth Congress in 1949.
  • President, District Congress Committee, Sangrur 1954 to 1959.
  • Convenor Bharat Sewak Samaj, Tehsil Jind 1956–57.
  • Elected Member AICC in 1953.
  • Member PCC from 1960 to 1969.
  • Elected President of HPCC (O) on 22 August 1971.

Other Information

He was first president of Haryana unit of Indian National Congress (Organisation).

Chaudhary Parminder Singh Dhull

Parminder Singh Dhull (born 4 March 1957) is an Indian politician of the State of Haryana, India. He remained as Member of Legislative Assembly of Haryana from Julana constituency of Jind District till he resigned as such on 25 June 2019. He is associated with Bhartiya Janta Party. Son of renowned social worker and political activist of the state – Late Chaudhary Dal Singh, Ex-Minister and a freedom fighter – Parminder Singh Dhull has been socially active right from his childhood days. His father, fondly called “Paani Ka Badal” by the locals, had played a pivotal role in widening the reach of canal-based irrigation water supply in the state as well as developmental politics from 1952 to late seventies.

Born in a family associated with Arya Samaj, Parminder Singh Dhull, remained politically active right from his college days and also served as an elected representative of the council of Government College, Jind. Having formally completed his studies, he started practising law in District Courts, Jind in 1978 and continued as such till 1982. Aiming to follow the footsteps of his father Late Chaudhary Dal Singh, Parminder started working in a dedicated manner for the development of the state, particularly, the farming community. His active volunteering efforts during the floods of 1995 brought him statewide recognition.

In his time, Late Chaudhary Dal Singh, who represented Jind (5 times) as well as Julana (twice) constituencies in the state assembly was a popular and tall figure of Haryana politics. For nearly a decade, Chaudhary Dal Singh continued to be a popular choice and an obvious claimant for the post of Chief Minister of the state before he sought sudden retirement from active politics due to deteriorating health. A true grassroots politician and a social worker, he was instrumental in creation of the state of Haryana as well as district Jind. Known to be a leader of the masses, he had twice won the assembly by-election after challenging the entire government and it’s machinery. During the emergency period, the then Indira Gandhi government had put Chaudhary Dal Singh behind bars along with other national leaders like Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chaudhary Devi Lal for nearly three years.


The activities, debates and views are focused on the belief that mere handouts of help or relief to the poor do not lead to sustainable change in lives of the poor and needy. One should aim to touch the lives of the rural poor so that they are empowered with improved standards of living as deserved by every citizen of India. Practical as well as quality education and grooming of the village children is very important for a prosperous India. Children are the future citizens and torchbearers of a better tomorrow. With the view of steering progress in a region and impacting maximum number of people, inclusive and progressive approach to politics is a must.

Political Timeline

  • 2014: Elected as Member of Legislative Assembly as Indian National Lok Dal candidate from Julana constituency with around 23000 votes. It was second highest win margin recorded by the party in General Elections for the State of Haryana.
  • 2009: Elected as Member of Legislative Assembly as Indian National Lok Dal candidate from Julana constituency with around 12000 votes.
  • 2008: Member, State Executive, Indian National Lok Dal
  • 2005: Contested election as Independent candidate and secured more than 27000 votes and was placed at second place.
  • 1996-2005: District Congress President, Jind
  • 1996: Contested election for Member of Legislative Assembly from Congress (Tiwari) and lost.
  • 1991: Contested election for Member of Legislative Assembly from Congress and lost.